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Remembering Gale Sayers

September 25, 2020

There have been few athletes who combined greatness, class and beauty the way the great Gale Sayers did.

Sadly, Gale, is yet another sports and overall great to die in what might be apocalyptic 2020.

I recall a highlight of one of Gale’s runs as a member of the Kansas football team, which was truly fantastic. Next came the great 1964 NFL draft for the Chicago Bears, which brought them Gale and the great linebacker, Dick Butkus.

Sayers was fluid, exciting and beautiful to watch as a running back. Jim Brown is my favorite and I believe the best. His last season was Gale’s first, that in 1965.

Gale was as exciting as any, his career slowed by two severe knee injuries.

I think 10th grade, if not 11th and even the most macho guys admitted they cried (I cry easily, remember what Jim Valvano said about a good day being one we laugh, cry and think) after watching the television movie, “Brian’s Song,” which showed Gale’s great friendship with fellow Bears’ back, Brian Piccolo, a truly courageous man, who succumbed to cancer at a tragically young age. 

As Gale did, “we” “weave and dart” to James Caan (he played “Pic” and Billy Dee Williams'(he portrayed Gale) praise of Gail, the downs of football (Gale knee injuries and the fact he suffered from dementia, yet another “footballer” who did), and that day of mud and rain at Wrigley Field Chicago, in December, 1965, when Sayers scored SIX touchdowns.

That was a beautiful thing in football, watching Gale Sayers!


refer to caption

The great Gale Sayers, pictured above.


Click below, to view Gale Sayers scoring six touchdowns vs the San Francisco 49ers on December 12, 1965. Once I heard the actual play-by-play of the great Jack Brickhouse but I could not “find” it. Mr. Brickhouse is heard on the above, he is especially eloquent on TD #6, a punt return.










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