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Ruth, “Rosh,” Death= Great Sadness and Regret

September 21, 2020

There is a scene in the 2014 movie, “Obvious Child,” in which the fact that essentially “old men in robes” can decide what a woman can do with her body, is reviled.

I have no love of the legal system and certainly not the concept of an all powerful Supreme Court, which has become so dangerously political.

However, there have been exceptional people who rose to that all powerful position, one being Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last week at age 87.

She overcame obstacles, fought hard and used her brilliance to gain tremendous favor and popularity.

That is well deserved, but all of us, who hoped/prayed she could keep breathing, if for no other reason than allowing the (not) right “stacking,” feel or ought to feel the fear, and rage.

It is not just “that,” but an erosion of standards, that makes this a mournful sobbing and complaining, instead of a well deserved tribute to Ruth, who got up, exercised, read, learned, loved and most of all, lived an extraordinary life.

People like me, fairly or in unfair fashion, dream one, she lived one and maybe can help us from above. G-d/the gods likely, will at least listen.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery alongside late husband

Ruth in 1977.

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