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Another ’19 Washington D.C. Title Winner (The WNBA Mystics) Open Today

July 25, 2020

A manifestation of all going on is that for the second time in 3 days, a defending Washington D.C. title team from 2019, will play its 2020 opening game.

Surely, two title teams from the same city/area have never opened their subsequent seasons in such  proximity.

The title team opening play today, as the 24th WNBA season commences amidst all, is/are? the Washington Mystics, as they meet the Indiana Fever.

The ’19 title winning, wild card Washington Nationals opened their next season 2 days ago and play their second game in front of the “cardboard fans” today.

Imagine writing this script, after the Mystics at home and the Nationals on the road claimed 2019 titles, in “winner take all”/decisive final round games!


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