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“Tea And Sympathy” Is A Great Film

July 23, 2020

I really enjoyed watching the great (1956) film, also a great play–“Tea And Sympathy,” yesterday on TCM.

The timeless story about not “fitting it” and said repercussions, is superb.

A pair of “Kerrs,” (Deborah and John) not related are the stars.

I recall the superb film critic, Jeffrey Lyons referring to Ms. Kerr as “Car as in star,” which I believe was a studio promotion, but has served me as a pronunciation guide for the fantastic, sensitive performer.

John Kerr, (I think pronounced the same as “basketballers with many titles accrued in different capacities,” namely Steve and John “Red” Kerr,) is the male lead and gives a superb performance.

More with names; as I cite two more in what was a great cast, first Leif Erickson, whose performances and frame stood tall, although he was not the one, who discovered “The Americas.”

Darryl Hickman (brother Dwayne portrayed television’s “Dobie Gillis”), also gives a nice performance in the highly acclaimed “Tea And Sympathy.”


Tea and Sympathy poster.jpg


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