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Quickly, cryptically? and briefly regarding, John Lewis

July 18, 2020

My head was “up” but not in the right “up,” as I “mainlined” sports (on a lighter occasion, a dissertation on three great ’62 baseball teams) and not the cause and inherent courage of one so great, as John Lewis.

No matter the “push back,” no matter your other politics or even your “micro” world in this time of trouble, one can admire a life that did, a life of courage, a life that endured despite…. (read it, acts of violent cruelty and hate).

Thus, with more to follow in a less cryptic remembrance, I salute the great John Lewis, who died yesterday at age 80.


John Lewis-2006 (cropped).jpg

As I wrote/typed the person on “the other end,”  quickly was redeemed from not knowing who John Lewis was.

The person quickly ascertained and spoke “we can all learn from him,” John Lewis.

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