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Notes “In and Around” Braves/Mets 6/5/63

July 11, 2020

There is so much “in and around” the Milwaukee Braves’ (11-9) win at the Polo Grounds vs the home team, New York Mets on June 5, 1963.

First an indulgence to numbers,sad ones. June 5, 1963 is 6/5/63 and on the day of an (11-9) game, I cite 6 and 5 equal 11, while 6 plus 3 equals 9. Oh those numbers, nine and eleven.

More positive is the game, not for the late great pitcher, Warren Spahn, I suppose. He amassed 363 big league wins, but was denied one that day despite his Milwaukee team leading (8-0) after 4 and a half innings and (9-1) headed into the Mets’ 6th inning.

In future posts, more on the game and other “around the game” details, starting with the Mets 7 run 6th inning.


Warren Spahn 1953.jpg

The great pitcher, Warren Spahn, pictured above.

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