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Tributes to Max von Sydow

July 10, 2020

Last night TCM paid tribute to a wonderful actor, Max von Sydow, who died last March, at the age of 90.

Just after a promo in which the other TCM hosts trumpeted Ben Mankiewicz as a host, he did not disappoint, as his eloquence, factual information and sincerity, came shining through, in tribute to Mr. von Sydow.

First “Hannah and Her Sisters,” a great film directed by Woody Allen and then the incomparable Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal,” were the first two films shown in tribute. 

Mr. von Sydow was great in both and so much else. His role was that of Jesus in “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and his remarks about how Jesus would feel about televangelists in the ’86 “Hannah and Her Sisters,” (not favorable, not by a long shot), bookend his greatness.

The fact he went on in roles for another thirty years, adds to why Max von Sydow is on a short list of acting greats.

Click below to view a nice tribute to Mr. von Sydow from JoBlo Video.


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