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Remembering Carl Reiner

July 2, 2020

A big part of THE ERA, that of LIVE Television, but also spanning the eras with his comedic greatness, Carl Reiner, who died this week at age 98, is an iconic figure, whose work and contributions are timeless.

There were so many great efforts by Mr. Reiner. Those include his play and memoir, “Enter Laughing,” his role in “Call Me Mister” (Buddy Hackett was a cast member) and as cited yesterday, directing “Oh God.”

That title (Oh God, as in look at this incredible body of work)) applies, as one recalls so much else.

Start with his role as head writer and performer on the amazing ” Your Show of Shows,” which starred Sid Caesar.

Reiner was an integral part of “The Murderer’s Row” (think ’27 Yankees, a great lineup!) of great writers, that roamed the NBC corridors, yielding some of comedy’s all time classics.

Carl created “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” a compelling, humorous, yet compassionate show, that has held up as well as any, in television history. (CBS will air two great episodes of the show, with Mr. Reiner in a prominent role, tomorrow night beginning at 8 P.M. Eastern Time). 

He was “Alan Brady” an ode/reminder of Sid Caesar and subliminally that name, entered my world of created names for a personal sports league. Such was the influence.

Among the other great writers on “Your Show of Shows,” was Mel Brooks. He and Carl became lifelong best friends. Their “The Two Thousand Year Old Man” is another top of the list, all-time comedy masterpiece.

Reiner excelled, directing Steve Martin (“The Jerk” was one movie with Martin), playing an old con man in the “Oceans 11,12 and 13” movies and in various television roles.

It was his class and knowledge, the willingness to talk about his beloved work that resonated so much with me.

Thankfully, so much of his work can be seen, be sure to check talk shows, as he was a deadpan funny, and most informative guest.

Hopefully, next for this kind and caring man, is time with his wife Estelle, with whom he can in a large sense “have what she is having” and vice versa, all the while “sending” some help for us on the planet earth.



Carl Reiner 1960 still.jpg

Carl Reiner, pictured above.

Among so much classic work, click below to view an incredible one, with Mr. Reiner as the show’s host. Howard Morris, another comedic great is “Uncle Goofy.” Sid Caesar is “Al,” as was the case with Carl Reiner, born in 1922. 




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