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Watching “Illegal,” With Edward “G” and Nina Foch

May 15, 2020

Yesterday I “battled” through the many commercial breaks to watch a fine 1955 film, “Illegal,” starring the immortal Edward G. Robinson, on Movies channel.

I was very impressed with the entire cast, especially two female performers, Nina Foch and an up and coming Jayne Mansfield.

The day before “The Diary of Anne Frank,” a superb movie about the extraordinary courage of Anne Frank and others, aired on TCM.

Research revealed that Nina Foch, so good in so many films, including the seminal, “An American In Paris,” was an assistant to director George Stevens on “The Diary Of Anne Frank.”

Foch born in Netherlands, part of the film that told Anne Frank’s story in that country was so much more.

Most notable, was Ms. Foch’s work, teaching, in a tremendous and inspiring life. 


Nina Foch Picture

The inspiring, Nina Foch, pictured above.

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