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“Yesterday”(s) Regarding President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

April 13, 2020

(Another) “yesterday,” begins this post, as “yesterday” marked the 75th anniversary of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s death.

I know there is a world crisis in our midst (Mr. Roosevelt certainly had to “deal” with crisis, they were, but perhaps are (nothing) “new’), however, it seems the anniversary and the man himself, get far too little attention.

Thus, I take this time to note Mr. Roosevelt’s greatness along with his failings and dare say, he was a great unifying, popular leader, master politician–a rich man, who cared about those less fortunate.

All in all pretty darn good, as was his fateful speech of December 8, 1941 which began with the word “Yesterday.”

All four of The Beatles shown performing “Yesterday” in Munich, Germany in 1966 via the link below were alive, as bombs dropped on their home country of England. Think about it, years gone by, Germany, England, Easter, Passover and hopefully better “yesterdays,” on which to look back, in the tomorrows ahead.


FDR 1944 Color Portrait.jpg

Above a photograph of Mr. Roosevelt by Leon Perskie taken in 1944.

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