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Kenny Rogers Did Much Better Than “Break Even”

March 24, 2020

Amidst the world’s craziness and largely despair, Kenny Rogers, whose music thankfully can still help, passed on at the age of 81.

He performed some great songs and was a marvelous entertainer.

You do not have to be a gambler to appreciate the wisdom imparted in his song, “The Gambler.”

That was also the case in many of Mr. Rogers’ songs.

I met him once at a “Songwriter’s Hall of Fame” event and he graciously posed with all who asked him, including me. I treasure the photo and the opportunity (“photo opp,” anyone?).

As per the post’s title, in the great song “The Gambler,” death and “breaking even” are equated.

In Kenny Rogers’ case, is not it great that in his life, he and we, come out way ahead, each time his music is played.



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