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Mets/Reds May 1963 Notes

March 23, 2020

(So) it is the top of the 5th inning of the second game of a doubleheader, contested on May 11, 1963, between the Cincinnati Reds and New York Mets.

A truly great broadcaster Lindsey Nelson, who ten plus years later would excel in I believe classic fashion, during the NLCS between the same two teams, is citing the fact Reds’ rookie second sacker, Pete Rose made the jump from the Sally League to the big leagues.

Nelson explains that while Pete is far from the first to do so, it is however, quite a big jump. The great Henry Aaron who eleven years later, passed Babe Ruth to head the all-time home run list, is cited as a previous player, having made the Sally League to the “bigs” jump.

Pete promptly bangs a hit to center field. Take that Rob Manfred and all you people, who keep Pete out of the not so great Baseball Hall.

You may and I sadly realize, likely, will deny Pete Rose that honor, however, you can not take away his place in baseball history.

His long great career is linked with many other greats (Stan Musial and Hank to name two).

Oh yes, that hit with Nelson calling it after linking Pete and Henry Aaron, was one of 4,256 Pete recorded. Nobody, not even the immortal Ty Cobb, had more.

You see another eleven years passed and Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb’s record for the most base hits in baseball history.


Wally Post 1961.jpg

Good quip regarding Wally Post (pictured above) on/in Wikipedia. “Not to be confused with Wiley Post.”

Wally Post had two stints with the Reds and was a fine player. He batted in the Mets/Reds second game tilt that Sunday in May 1963.

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