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First Touchdown Notes

February 1, 2020

Clearly, it was a pair of “M” named players, the Chiefs Patrick “M”ahomes and the 49ers Raheem Mostert that led their respective team’s semi-final/Conference title tilts victories.

This is the ninth time either of the teams has made the Super Bowl (6 previous by S.F. 49ers, 2 by the K.C. Chiefs) and in the first 6, a player whose first or last name started with “M” either scored or threw the first touchdown and in one case opened the scoring with a field goal.

In the first Supe, “M”ax “M”c Gee gathered in the first scoring play in the game’s history taking a touchdown pass from Bart Starr, in an eventual Green Bay Packers’ rout of the Chiefs.

Three years later, the Chiefs won with “M”ike Garrett scoring the game’s first touchdown.

In 49ers’ wins vs the Bengals in ’81, Dolphins in ’84 and Broncos in ’89, the great quarterback Joe “M”ontana figured in the first touchdown.

He snuck in from 1 yard out in ’81, threw to another “M” named player Carl “M’onroe, as I sat watching in pretty cold Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto, California (my only time at a Super Bowl game) in ’84 and “went touchdown” to the great receiver, Jerry Rice in ’89.

In ’88, the Niners also won and their kicker, “M”ike Cofer opened the scoring, with a field goal.

No “M” named players were involved in the first touchdown or points in either the Niners’ win vs the Chargers in ’94 or their lone Supe loss to date, vs the Ravens in 2012.


refer to caption

The great quarterback, Joe Montana, pictured above led the 49ers to 4 Super Bowl wins in as many appearances.

He was the Chiefs’ quarterback when they made and lost the 1993 AFC title game at Buffalo, vs the Bills.

While Montana was, as stated, (4-0) in Super Bowls, the Bills suffered their 4th Super Bowl loss all in consecutive years (’90-’93), after beating the Chiefs in the above referenced ’93 AFC title game.

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