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Christmas Day And Other NFL Notes

December 25, 2019

Today is a Wednesday Christmas and there is no “worry” about an NFL game being held.

In 1971, Christmas fell on a Saturday and the only two NFL playoff games ever to be played on Christmas, transpired.

The less heralded, but ultimately more important tilt, manifested in a Dallas Cowboys win at Minnesota, vs the Vikings.

Dallas went on to win their first NFL crown and that earlier Christmas game had the great broadcaster, Jack Whitaker, whom we lost in this 2019 year, doing play by play.

Later in the day, the Miami Dolphins won an overtime game at Kansas City, vs the Chiefs.

All these (48) years later, the Chiefs will need a shocking upset win from the Dolphins, at New England vs the defending champion Patriots, plus an expected win of their own vs the Chargers (be careful in this one, as Chargers’ quarterback Rivers wins these type of games, which really are not that important) to host a division round game.

K.C. has won only one such game, that last year vs the Indianapolis Colts, before losing to the Patriots at Kansas City, in the AFC Title Game.

Likely, but far from definitely, I see K.C. visiting New England, let’s say Saturday night January 11th, with Jim Nantz as lead announcer, in a division round game.

That date, whether the Chiefs play then, the next day or are eliminated from ‘offs contention before, marks the 50th anniversary of their lone title, won with a (23-7) victory vs Minnesota, in the fourth Super Bowl, played on January 11, 1970.

One more: The lead announcer for that game was Jack Buck, the father of Fox lead announcer Joe Buck, who on February 2nd, 2020, will be the lead announcer on a Super Bowl telecast for the 6th time.


Jack Whitaker, pictured above.

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