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NFC Update

December 24, 2019

The final regular season game of the NFL’s 100th season (the (12-3 S.F. 49ers are 3 plus point(s) favorites at the (11-4) Seattle Seahawks in that game) will impact NFC playoff seeding, perhaps a great deal.

San Francisco would be the top seed with a win, Seattle because they got tripped up at home vs (5-9-1) Arizona last week, likely would be a three seed, hence no wild card round bye, with a win.

Each team would fall to the five seed and face the NFC East winner, on the road if they lose.

That NFC East winner and other seeding is to be determined in the upcoming final week.

Both Green Bay (Packers) and New Orleans (Saints), each with (12-3) records, are top heavy road favorites at Detroit (Lions) and Carolina (Panthers) respectively, in 1 P.M. Eastern time starts, in bids to improve and/or maintain higher seeding.

The Packers are at least the two seed, with a win and the one seed if they win, and Seattle also wins.

New Orleans, currently the three seed, needs a win and a loss by S.F. or Green Bay to be the two seed and losses by both to be the one seed.

(8-7) Philadelphia (Eagles) are 4 point favorites at the (4-11) New York Giants, in a game moved to 4:25 Eastern Time, surely with Joe Buck presiding, to get the 4 seed.

If they lose and Dallas, a big favorite, playing simultaneously at home vs the (3-12) Washington team, wins, then an (8-8) Dallas team would be the NFC 4 seed and host the SF at Seattle losing team.

Minnesota (Vikings) will be the 6 seed and face the three seed (New Orleans, Seattle or Green Bay in order of likelihood) on the road next week, in the wild card round.

Got it? No quiz and likely more notes on it as the games approach.


refer to caption

Aaron Jones, the fine Packers’ running back, pictured above.

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