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Roy White An Excellent Player And Man

November 27, 2019

There were some fine players on the Yankees’ teams that at the very least, did not measure up to Yankees’ standards and in some cases, were bottom rung, major league teams.

One of those players, the only one to stick around and achieve later World Series title glory, is Roy White.

Though I certainly was not a Yankees’ fan, I always “dug” Roy White.

I “managed” him in Strat-O-Matic baseball and once told him how much I liked him and how great his baseball contributions were, but how my heart was broken, rooting vs his title Yankees teams of 1977 and 1978.

One other thing, White was not only not treated right by the club after his playing days, but often does not get enough credit for his immense contribution to the 1978 title team and 1976 A.L. Pennant winning team.

Even in 1977, when Roy did not play all that much, there was that home run off Bill Campbell, the Red Sox closer in a big game and the vintage Roy White walk, as the Yankees rallied in THE game, the 1977 ALCS decisive game 5, that fateful Sunday night in Kansas City.

Additionally, Roy White is a classy individual and in my case specifically, also a lesson for all, we root or root vs “laundry,” especially these days.

Bob Wolff, the Hall of Fame broadcaster, whose class had just ended that Friday night, when I heard White’s home run crackle through the static of WTIC (of course I was listening to the Red Sox broadcast. Incidentially, the fine pair of Ned Martin and Jim Woods. Alas, I grew to love Phil Rizzuto and yearn for the other two in the Yankees trio, Frank Messer and Bill White), talked of some guys you will like, some not on a given team, as he tried to teach objectivity to me.

Even before I learned the lesson, at least to a degree, I knew Roy White as a great example of a player and person I liked so much, even if I did not feel that way about the team.


Roy White 1970.jpg

Roy White, pictured above.

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