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Twenty Years Since Wilt Went Away

October 15, 2019

Twenty years ago, the great and legendary, Wilt Chamberlain passed away.

Almost each March 2nd, I cite Wilt’s 100 point game on that date in 1962. Likely more amazing, he averaged over 50 points per game in that (1961-1962) NBA regular season.

While his teams pretty clearly should have won more titles, Wilt played on the two best record NBA teams (the (1966-1967) Philadelphia 76ers and (1971-1972) Los Angeles Lakers), at the time, each of whom won titles.

He was a “man of the world,” with many interests who enjoyed life and its pleasures.

In these “pendulum swinging” times, Wilt’s quote citing “our Victorian past and hypocritical present,” regarding mores, especially those regarding sexual activity, came to mind today.

At that point, I realized it has been 20 years since, perhaps, God called Wilt for his volleyball team.

Click below for a nice Volkswagen ad with Wilt and his 76ers’ teammate/friend and superb player, Bill(y) Cunningham.



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