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Rams/Browns Historical Notes

September 21, 2019

If you consider the current Cleveland Browns, the descendants of the glorious Otto Graham/Marion Motley/Jim Brown/Gary Collins (the latter caught a still not topped 3 touchdown passes in an NFL title game, the last time a Cleveland football team “titled”) Browns, then tomorrow night’s Rams at Browns game, is a redux of three NFL title games between the franchises.

Those were in 1950 at Cleveland, at L.A. to where the Rams have returned, in ’54 and ’55.

Lou Groza’s short field goal, which the great Glenn Davis, better known as  “Mr.Outside” along with Felix “Doc” Blanchard (“Mr. Inside”) on glorious Army football teams in the 1940’s, said was not good, lifted the Browns to the win in 1950.

The next year, Norm Van Brocklin’s 73 yard touchdown pass to Tom Fears was decisive in the Rams’ win. (20 years ago, in the game in which the Rams, then in St. Louis, won their only NFL title since— a Kurt Warner to Isaac Bruce 73 yard touchdown pass was decisive).

In 1955, the Browns eased to victory at the famed L.A. Coliseum, where the Rams again play their home games, in the great Otto Graham’s last game.


refer to caption

Not long after the photo of Bob Waterfield above, was taken while he played for U.C. L. A.–he led the Cleveland Rams to victory, as a rookie quarterback, in the 1945 NFL championship game.

The Rams have 3 NFL crowns, one each while playing in Cleveland, St. Louis and Los Angeles.

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