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More Television Notes

July 27, 2019

It was interesting and uplifting to see two “Dallas” cast members, when watching “Gunsmoke” and “Bonanza” this week.

Morgan Woodward, a veteran of so many western type shows and Marvin “Punk” Anderson on the great television show, “Dallas” was in both episodes, the latter titled Bonanza episode being Lothario Larkin, with guest star Wallace Beery Jr.

Jim Davis, so great as “Jock Ewing” on Dallas, had a prominent role in the “Lothario Larkin,”Bonanza episode.

Seeing all three, Woodward, Beery Jr, and Mr. Davis plus the regular cast, provided some nice “throw back” entertainment.


Perhaps, somewhere Jim Davis, pictured above and Larry Hagman are having some fun, as among other things, recalling their great roles as “Jock” and “J.R.” on the great show “Dallas.”

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