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Some Perhaps, “Verrrry Interesting” Notes As I Watched MeTV

July 26, 2019

The title above, is homage to the very talented actor, Arte Johnson, who died recently at age 90. He made the quoted phrase a big part of the great television show “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In.”

Some notes will follow, as I have enjoyed watching MeTV at different hours of the day.

Late Wednesday/Thursday morning on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” an episode from 1961, stars actor Ronald Howard, the son of legendary “Gone With The Wind” and other classics performer, Leslie Howard. (His sister was named Leslie Ruth Howard.)

Howard, best known as “Sherlock Holmes” on the 1950’s television series of the same name, gives a very good performance, as a man, who hires a private investigator, to report on his wife’s activities.

Arte Johnson stands out, explaining his role and references a “Mr. Johnson,” (played by Addison Richards), who filled him in on the situation.

Additionally, Johnson’s character is named “Bates,” certainly an Alfred Hitchcock name, if there ever was one.

Of course Tony Perkins starred as “Norman Bates” in the great Mr. Hitchcock directed film, “Psycho,” just a year before in 1960.


Arte Johnson, pictured above.

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