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Fred Guttenberg Continues To Battle Senseless Gun Violence

May 24, 2019

I was tremendously moved as Fred Guttenberg spoke from the heart and against the National Rifle Association lobby last night at The Center For Jewish History, (15 West 16th Street– quite an impressive place in which one can lose oneself in their superb archives section).

Perhaps you are one seeking perspective, reality, emotion— consider that a rabbi satisfied him with a “reason,” his brother Michael Guttenberg, one who helped during the events of 9-11, died from cancer, age 50 in 2017 as a result.

Mr. Guttenberg, a passionate, eloquent driven advocate for gun control whose passion is to break the National Rifle Association lobby, however, can not find a “reason” for his daughter Jaime, being taken in a mass shooting.

As I watched and listened, my own emotions and life on the “endless loop,” Fred endures involving Jaime’s death, I do see a process in this because the man Fred Guttenberg, has his/the cause.

He will keep going, fighting for what he believes, history to be on his side and not those who “take to rake” the earth’s spoils.

As you do, Mr. Guttenberg– love your wife Jennifer and son Jesse. Another “J,” Jaime is watching and Fred will get his “J,” it is called justice, if in addition to any political reality involving senseless guns violence and use, we all improve in the category, of caring for others.

Center for Jewish History • 15 West 16th Street, NY, NY 10011

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America

Orange Ribbons for Jaime | #orangeribbonsforjaime





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