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“A Deafening Silence Part One” Was Superb

May 16, 2019

Last night’s Athena Theatre/Athena Writes performance of “A Deafening Silence Part 1,” at Symphony Space, was highly moving, entertaining, and at times humorous, all while addressing some really disturbing realities.

Kudos to the entire production for bringing such subjects into the open. Yes I am being general, however, know I am calling for activity, if not actual activism.

On Monday, I cited many people involved in what proved to be a great night of theater, today the titles and authors of the seven, approximately ten minute plays, which were truly inspirational on many levels.

The titles include “35,” by J.D. Stewart, which I will state, deals with the reality, that in seventy percent (35) of the U.S. fifty states, conversion therapy is legal.

Other titles and authors: “Beta Testing” by Jenny Lyn Bader, “Genuinely Here” by Kate Thomas, “Mimo” by Luis Roberto Herrera, “T.V. Man” by Joey Mata, “Wishbone” by Yasmine Lever (in this one Ms. Lever wrote the phrase “vacuous shark,” which is a brilliant observation on so many/much), and “Super Blood Wolf Man” by Jared Michael Delaney.

I suggest checking on all these fine works for more information. One way is to press “read more” under “description,” after clicking the link below.

A Deafening Silence | Symphony Space








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