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Watching “Strangers On A Train” Notes

May 15, 2019

It is always great to watch the Alfred Hitchcock directed “Strangers On A Train” as I did yesterday on TCM.

In doing so, I found some “tidbits” worth pointing out.

Two members of the cast Marion Lorne, who played Robert Walker’s character, Bruno Anthony’s mother and Kasey Rogers “Miriam” in the film, later had regular roles on the fine television show, “Bewitched.”

Lorne a long time performer was awarded a posthumous Emmy Award for her supporting role as “Aunt Clara” on Bewitched. Nobody else played “Aunt Clara” after Lorne’s death.

Ms. Rogers was the second “Louise Tate” on Bewitched.

A similar character to “Aunt Clara,” “Esmeralda” was played by Alice Ghostley, with whom Ms. Lorne appeared, in the seminal film, “The Graduate” which came out in 1967, a year before Marion Lorne passed away.



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