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Remembering Gino Marchetti

May 1, 2019

Another sports great,  Gino Marchetti, has died. He was 93.

In addition to being an all-time great defensive lineman, Marchetti was in World War 2 and in a more peaceful endeavor, was among the founders of the hamburger chain, “Gino’s,” has died.

Gino participated in the game that made pro football, more than any other, the 1958 NFL title tilt, in which Marchetti’s Baltimore Colts won in overtime vs the New York Giants.

He also played on the 1959 Colts’ title team and the 1964 team that lost to the Browns in that year’s title tilt, the Browns’ last crown.

On a crucial play late in the ’58 title game, the Giants’ superb player, Frank Gifford was stopped, or at least ruled to be, short of a title clinching first down.

“Fearless,” (Gifford) went to his grave insisting he made the first down. Marchetti broke his leg on the play. The Colts still needed  great John Unitas/Ray Berry/Alan Ameche led drive(s) to tie and eventually win the late NFL commissioner, Bert Bell’s “dream”/ overtime game.

Computers and modern science have tried to determine if Gifford made the first down. We still do not really know.

Perhaps now, Gino, Frank, John Unitas and others get to hear from the infallible (hope that entity starts helping here, but alas you know about his/her/its “strange ways”) one, on that determination and others, far more important.


Click above to view many of the big plays in the ’58 title game, however not the disputed Gifford run, a play on which Gino Marchetti broke his leg.



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