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Watching The “M’ Remake Notes And Comments

April 30, 2019

While the 1951 remake of “M” shown last Sunday morning on the Eddie Muller hosted, “Noir Alley” on TCM, is not as brilliant as the Fritz Lang directed 1931 classic, in which the magnificent Peter Lorre exploded onto the scene, it was quite good.

Director Josef Losey and a fine cast headed by David Wayne (two fine actors with surnames beginning with “W’s,” the inverse of “M,” played “Digger Barnes” on “Dallas”–Wayne and Keenan Wynn) made this remake a very good one.

I note the fine performance by Martin Gabel in “M,” additionally noting he was an original member of The Mercury Theatre repertory company, formed by the legendary, Orson Welles.

Mr. Gabel was married to Arlene Francis, and at times was a panelist on “What’s My Line,” a great show on which Ms. Francis was a regular.


David Wayne in “M” pictured above, next to a machine that dispenses “Chiclets,” once a popular gum.



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