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NHL Update: The Lightning Are Easing To The Top Mark

February 16, 2019

It is the All-Star break in the endless N.B.A. regular season, so “of course” I will comment on the N.H.L. which also has a seemingly endless “reg,” but one that is a bit more important.

The reason for the above comparison is that an upstart in the NHL actually has a chance to go a long way in the playoffs, maybe even win the crown. That is essentially not the case in the N.B.A.

Toward that end, though the Tampa Bay Lightning are almost certain to have the NHL’s best record, doing so with rare ease, it really does not mean all that much, especially in light of the NHL history and the fact, that the nature of the game makes hockey upsets clearly viable.

However, the Lightning are an impressive team, one that has gone far in recent ‘offs, so clearly they are the “plurality” favorite to win the NHL crown.







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