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Supe Telecast Notes

February 1, 2019

Entering Sunday’s 53rd Super Bowl, teams from the conference or league, whose network is exclusively telecasting the game in the United States, have a record of (23-17).

Sunday’s game is on CBS and will be the seventh Supe it telecasts with AFC affiliation. CBS telecast 12 exclusively, as the NFL and NFC network. (The NFL or NFC team was (7-5) in those games).

Altogether, the CBS conference or league affiliated teams have also won two thirds of such games, (5-1) as the AFC.

Current NFC network, Fox has telecast eight Supes, with the “other” conference (AFC) winning five times.

Meanwhile NBC, now a “neutral” network in these “matters” (as if this matters, but hey….) telecast 14 Super Bowls as either the AFL or AFC network. Its AFL or AFC teams won the first 7 such games, but only one of the next seven, to finish (8-6).

Eleven Super Bowls were on the “neutral” network (the first seven of those on ABC, the next four on NBC).

The first Supe was telecast by both CBS, the NFL network and NBC, the AFL carrier.

It was NBC’s Charlie Jones, who, before the first such game before it was known as The Super Bowl, famously stated the broadcasters would be relieved of the tension, after the “first verb.”


Elijah Pitts, pictured above, carrying the ball for the Green Bay Packers’ in their (35-10) win vs the Kansas City Chiefs, in the first of these games.



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