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Supe (To) Notes

January 31, 2019

Before the 53rd Super Bowl to be played in Atlanta, Georgia, a city with but one major North American Professional sports league title, Boston has 38 titles, double that of opponent Los Angeles, which has 19.

The Boston Celtics have 17 NBA crowns, the Red Sox have won the baseball World Series 9 times, (the once Boston Braves titled once), while the Patriots hope to tie the NHL Bruins, with a 6th title this Sunday.

Los Angeles has 11 Lakers’ titles and 5 Dodgers’ World Series victories. The NHL Kings have 2 NHL titles and the Rams won L.A.’s first pro title in 1951.

One could add the L.A. area Angels 2002 World Series victory as well as the NHL Ducks’ 2007 NHL title even the L.A. Raiders’ ’83 Supe win, to make the total 22, or not count the Braves’ 1914 World Series victory, as they no longer are a Boston based franchise, having moved to Milwaukee and then Atlanta, winning one title in each city.





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