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Cardinals/Dodgers September 20, 1968 Part 1

January 9, 2019

This A game in time, but with hindsight, as the defending champion (1967) St. Louis Cardinals, having already clinched the 1968 National League Pennant, visit the under .500 L.A. Dodgers, completing their second sub par season in a row.

Each team has a Davis in center field, Willie for L.A. and Ron for the Redbirds.

Most interesting is the scoreboard rundown, as among much “baseball gold,” three future Hall of Fame greats hit home runs in American League games.

Al Kaline did so for the Detroit Tigers, already American League champions, who won their 10th game in a row. Another Tigers’ player, Jim Northrup homered twice and within weeks, the great broadcaster Harry Caray, who cited those scores and notes that Friday night September 20th, would announce greater Northrup exploits nationally, in the 1968 World Series.

At Yankee Stadium that night, Carl Yastrzemski like Kaline a future Hall of Fame player, homered as did another, the legendary Mickey Mantle, for the 536th and final time in a big league game.


The great Mickey Mantle, pictured above.

This is the place for great notes and along with ones you will not get anywhere else on upcoming pro football post-season action, I will return to the above game and from the scoreboard alone–hindsight will uncover so much and I will bring some of it to you.

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