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December 2, 2018

We probably will never know if Alabama needed yesterday’s Jalen Hurts led/Georgia going conservative, missed field goal, foolish fake punt, (35-28) win vs Georgia to make the four team ‘off.

They are, if not the best team, certainly the highest rated team. Clemson, with the second highest rating, Notre Dame with nowhere near the top two rating and probably Oklahoma, will join Alabama in the four team ‘off.

Georgia would be big favorites vs Notre Dame and likely “faves” vs Oklahoma, even Ohio State, but they lost two games, albeit in the best conference and will not, nor deserve, to make the ‘off.

Two names have double meanings at least, after Bama’s perhaps needed SEC Title game win. Tua Tagovailoa got hurt and Jamel Hurts came in and led Alabama’s win, which hurts Georgia.

Next Georgia coach, Kirby Smart was not very, in fact not at all, as his play calling, as was the case in the title tilt loss to Alabama, again turned conservative.

That is until a foolish fake punt call, that was anything but. (Conservative or smart).


There are still questions and I could easily be wrong but I think Alabama and Clemson will be pretty big favorites vs Oklahoma and Notre Dame respectively in the playoff semi-finals a “long” 4 weeks from yesterday.

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