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Trying To Sort Out The College Football Playoff Possibilities

December 1, 2018

Today, as many as four teams control their destiny as far as making the four team college football playoff, which has its semi-finals 4 weeks hence on December 29th and its title game on Monday January 7th.

Certainly the winner of today’s Alabama vs Georgia (SEC Title) game will be in the ‘off, likely and I believe rightfully, Alabama would/ should be in, even if they lose today.

Clemson is in with a win, a very likely occurrence as huge favorites vs Pittsburgh, in the ACC Title tilt.

Oklahoma seems to have the inside track over Ohio State for the final spot, should form hold and both they and Alabama win, even if Ohio State wins at night, vs Northwestern in The Big Ten title game.

At noon Eastern time, the same starting time as in the Texas regular season win vs Oklahoma, the teams meet in their first same season redux since 1903. (the regular season clash between the teams is called “The Red River Shootout,” the Red Sox won the first modern World Series in 1903 and again this year).

Somehow Notre Dame does not have to play a risky 13th game and their (12-0) record virtually assures, they will be in the 4 team ‘off for the first time.


“Oklahoma” a classic show and movie and pictured above are Shirley Jones and I believe, Gordon MacRae.

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