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November 18, 2018

The latest line was such (Clemson minus 29 plus points) that I was correct in predicting they (Clemson) would not cover the spread yesterday, in their tilt yesterday vs Duke. Clemson won (35-6).

Thus I was (2-1) as I correctly almost “guaranteed” Alabama would not cover vs The Citadel, but also predicted Notre Dame would “no cover” Syracuse.

Speaking of “guarantee,” have you seen Joe Namath, once an Alabama player, in his commercial regarding extra Medicare benefits. He “guarantees” them, these 50 years after another “guarantee” (he did so regarding and before, the Jets second ‘offs win, enough for the ’68 crown, the one vs the Colts, who needed but failed to get a third).

Also the (35-6) score reminds me of Alabama’s win over Ohio State on bowl day following the ’77 season. It was not enough as Notre Dame “vaulted” over them to the crown.

That episode of injustice still haunts me and while the 2018 version of Notre Dame, surely would be a huge underdog vs Alabama, if and perhaps when they meet, I do “fear” this improved, (11-0), but again let them have faced conference play, Notre Dame team.

Those CFL predictions: Ottawa Redblacks to cover a three points plus spread vs Hamilton (Tiger-Cats) and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, a 5 point “underdog,” to upset the Calgary Stampeders.

NFL: The New Orleans Saints favored by 7 plus, need a late field goal, to edge the Philadelphia Eagles.


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