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College Football Predictions And Comments

November 17, 2018

Perhaps it is a sad commentary, that the point spreads are now openly discussed, in the once sacrosanct New York Times.

Yet this week, it is worth noting that Alabama and perhaps Clemson will “no cover” big spreads.

Alabama favored by 53 points wins (40-0) vs The Citadel.

Clemson struggles a bit and wins (35-18) as a 4 touchdown plus favorite vs Duke.

Oh what Beano would have won on the projected wins total of over 9 and a half wins for Notre Dame! They are/were favored each game, save Michigan, and on paper those two will join the top 2, (Alabama and Clemson) in the 4 team (joke of) playoff.

However, there are still games to be played!

Could/would Notre Dame a 10 point “fave” at Yankee Stadium today, vs Syracuse, have survived the S.E.C. or even the Big Ten, in my opinion,  of course not, but they will survive “Syr,” (34-27) today.


Tomorrow some CFL playoff semi-final predictions and maybe one or two in the NFL.

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