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Milwaukee Brewers Notes

October 13, 2018

The Milwaukee Brewers, who have won 12 straight games–the last 8 “reg” which includes an ‘offs tilt win at Chi, vs the Cubs, to gain the National League “1” seed and 4 in post-season, “opened” L.A. last night, winning (6-5), for a (1-0) NLCS lead.

In just their third LCS in this the 49th possibility, (the franchise began and played one year as the Seattle Pilots, that in 1969, the first year of LCS play) and third best of seven series–the Brewers have never won a best of seven series and only twice in seven previous post-season series, did they win both the opening game and said series (2011 division series vs Arizona with Nyjer Morgan striking the series ending hit, in the decisive fifth game and in this year’s 3 game sweep of the Colorado Rockies).

Twice before, in #1 ’82 World Series when the great player Paul Molitor went 5 for 5 and the 2011 NLCS, both vs the St.Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee won a best of seven series opener, only to lose the series.

The Brewers, hoping to join the Houston Astros, who are decent sized favorites vs the Red Sox to be there again, as the only teams to represent both major leagues in the World Series, did win an ALCS best of 5 vs star crossed manager, Gene Mauch and the Angels in 1982.

That game and I believe the clincher vs Arizona in ’11 were on Kol Nidre, the holiest night in the Jewish religion.

Cecil Cooper, a tremendous player had the big, “go ahead to stay,” 2 rbi single in that tilt.


Cecil Cooper, pictured above.

Late in the 1974 baseball season I reached Cecil at the New York hotel in which his team, the Red Sox were staying.

He knew that his Red Sox had all but faded from the A.L. East race and I asked his opinion as to whether “Balti” or the Yankees would win the then, had to finish first, one quarter division.

I believe he correctly predicted Baltimore, however I KNOW he said “if we can FOOL AROUND and win” I think it was 9 of 10, we still have a chance.

I have never forgotten that terminology, his not giving up despite the circumstance and I should have cited first, that he was so friendly and made 18 year plus old me, feel very good.

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