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Red Sox Playing Great Ball

August 6, 2018

The Boston Red Sox deserve much credit for sweeping the second place Yankees and even more credit for a (79-34) (.699 winning percentage) record.

However, all it does is likely give the Red Sox home advantage in any series they might play, in the upcoming baseball tournament.

Boston, famous or infamous for an 86 season title drought from (1919-2003) did win 5 early titles, all in a 15 “played seasons” span (there was no World Series in 1904, just as there was none, 90 years later in 1994) from (1903-1918).

This season’s likely top mark and at this point it is a great record (look for the team to slow its pace and that would be a good idea, although there is still “mucho,” seemingly meaningless “reg” baseball remaining) makes Boston the top choice to win a 4th title in 15 seasons, having won it all in ’04, ’07 and ’13.

Yet the odds are against them and if I were them I would not want to play the Yankees in the “quarters,” but at this point, that is likely and also likely is that the Red Sox would not be big favorites.

That series certainly would figure to be much closer than the one just played.


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