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The Lucy Show On Decades And Other Notes

August 5, 2018

It is nice to watch “The Lucy Show” with Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance and directed by Desi Arnaz, on the “Decades binge” this weekend.

In an episode in which the comic genius, Ms. Ball is a football referee, she references three football players of some vintage.

One is John Unitas, “whoever that is” Lucy remarks, as his football card has been lost.

Now looking at football cards, she cites that Jim Brown led the NFL with 942 rushing yards in his rookie season.

Of course Unitas and Brown are two of (some might say the two greatest NFL players ever (clearly two true greats) the greatest players and I was glad to hear a third player, Red Phillips cited.

He led the NFL in receptions in 1962 and the episode/Lucy cited that fact. Way to go Red!


Jim “Red” Phillips led the NFL with 78 receptions in 1962.

’62 was the only year in Jim Brown’s 9 season career, in which he did not lead the NFL in rushing.

Another great Jim, Taylor of the NFL champion Packers, took rushing honors with 1,474 yards that season.



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