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NBA Update

June 1, 2018

For the fourth straight season, the Golden State Warriors won at home vs the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the NBA final round opening game.

As was the case in the 2015 opening game the tilt went into overtime (paid out at 15.5 to 1) but unlike that Warriors dominated overtime, this one also all Warriors (17-7), did not manifest in the favorite (a way to high 12 plus, which is also the opening game 2 line) “burn covering.” Thus I believe for the first time, at most the second time, in 19 GS/Cleveland final round game tilts, the favorite won and did not cover.

It also was one of the few close games among the 19 or for that matter in these NBA ‘offs. Three Warriors (Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson) scored in the 20’s, while the incredible LeBron James hit for 51 points, but his team lost the NBA final round opener for the eighth time in nine such games.

I will have more details on this game and notes (of course J.R. Smith made a bad play, however he also got a great rebound on the final sequence of regulation play. Yet the media, which not only hypes the good, also over does the bad, picking on one play in a game with so many vicissitudes (witness the case with the superb player, Bill Buckner).

Whether Smith forgot the game was tied, clearly the media has, overstating the play’s importance (see the Buckner case, which essentially interfered with a man and his family’s life) and the FACT the game was TIED. There were just 4 seconds left!

Speaking of facts, I have put up a link to last year’s post after game 1, which includes 2 more, regarding the two Cleveland sports teams (Indians the other, both the glorious, legitimate Cleveland Browns and the inept/not true Cleveland Browns–I am not defending the original team’s move from Cleveland to “Balti,” just the opposite—,  can never be in playoff series) incredible failures in final series openers (2-9), all but one of the 11 tilts played on the road.


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