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NBA Look What You Have Done To Me

June 2, 2017

Despite the off the charts, ABC/ESPN hype, the NBA Finals are not only not great, but essentially, no contest games and have been for the great majority of the now 14 such games between the Warriors and Cavs, a pair of teams, the ’80’s Lakers and Celtics and ’90’s Bulls would have prevailed vs (an opinion, of course).

Sure last year it went 7, (Adam Silver helped that by suspending Dray Green for game 5) and was close, but how many others have been?

Unofficially, none of the 14 tilts (6 in ’15 when GS won in 6, clearly covering in games (4-6) and I believe in the overtime game one, certainly all seven last year and last night’s opening GS rout win) and at most one, have manifested in a favorite wins/no cover result.

Kevin Durant, a great player, annexed by the aforementioned 73 win/no title Warriors, led the G.S. game one rout, the still lesser of the two evils, result I prefer.

What I can only dream of is a GS sweep a la ’75. Unfortunately the NBA, ABC/Disney/ESPN and likely and legitimately, the Cavs themselves are too powerful for that wanted result. They may even win the series, which after last year’s horror, really will not add to the “pain.”

No the pain is in hearing how great everything is from Mike Breen, Rachel Nichols and others, part of the hype for a league/5 man sport (thus most affected by buying players), in which the clearly best, albeit non title team of a year ago, was allowed (perhaps as makeup for the Silver “result tampering, SPORTS certainly NOT real, atrocity,” to get a player added, that is truly valuable/great.


I knocked the NBA Finals, now just add this Cleveland title series opening game loss to the facts from a posts before and after Cleveland finally hosted a title series opening game, that in the 2016 World Series.

Click below to view those facts filled posts.

Cleveland Sports Finals Notes

Cleveland “Opens”

Finally music says it best. Boz Scaggs sings ” Look What You’ve Done To Me.” Click below to view it.


Boz Scaggs – Look What You’ve Done To Me (Live-HQ)


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