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“Eight, You Get It Eight” As “L” James Will Be In His Eighth Straight Final, After The Cavs 7’d The Celtics, Who Once Won Eight Straight Titles

May 28, 2018

Let me “Jack Webb” it until one opinion coupled with facts at the end.

LeBron James hit for 35 points (the prop was 37 plus) leading the Cleveland Cavaliers, to their fourth straight NBA final (of course all four with Mr. James, since he jumped back to Cleveland for the ’15 season).

James will be in his eighth straight final, all coming after choosing his team four with Miami (’11-’14) and the aforementioned four with Cleveland. Of course all 8 final appearances, were won in the Eastern Conference.

This was the second time (the other was in the ’92 quarters), that the Cavs 7’d the Celtics on a Sunday. It also was the third time a James team (’12 Miami, James first title team) 7’d the Celtics, the one in ’12 also a “semi,” but won in Miami on a Saturday night. Boston did “7” the Cavs and James en route to the ’08 title, winning that NBA “quarter” on a Sunday.

The Cavs handed the Celtics their first home loss in these playoffs, preventing Boston from becoming the first team in any major North American sports league to win their first 11 home playoff games within a playoffs season.

There is so much more and much will be here after the ‘offs, facts you will not get any other place.

However, time for the facts/opinion. The great player LeBron James, who did not even have Kevin Love for #7 last night, but will have him and a much better chance than perceived, in the upcoming final series vs either Golden State or Houston, has now made 8 straight NBA final rounds.

Once, the glorious Boston Celtics won 8 straight NBA titles and had 40 percent (16) of the NBA’s 40 titles, when they won it all in 1986.

The great Al Lewis best known as an actor, was also a political activist and basketball maven.

Reflecting on my show, not long after Celts’ draft pick, Len Bias, a potential great, had died without ever playing an NBA game, Lewis called it, respectfully, in basketball terms,  a “death blow” to the Celtics.

In 32 seasons since their last crown, Boston’s glorious Celtics have just one title. They were nearly 3 to 1 underdogs in the just completed loss, which should be, but will not be cited, as the hype for James’ accomplishment in winning said series will progress.

However, they had a nice lead in #7 at home, but I could not watch it, hence could not “live” (the word spelled the same, is the opposite of say taped, not the opposite of die) it!

Perspective: Yesterday morning, as I drove back on I-95, thinking about and hoping to beat James and why I cared so much, a “Boston” song played, regarding “competition and peace of mind.”

It relaxed me, as I actually thought who cares about this “mass entertainment,” that I do not watch.

I was fine until the next exit sign read “James Street.” It was a literal and figurative sign and with all due respect to the ’69 college title winning Texas quarterback, James Street, not about him.

No, it was a sign about a magnificent basketball player named James, LeBron James!


The great, great player, LeBron James pictured above.

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