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’63, ’79 now 2018–Both NBA “Semis” Go To A Decisive Seventh Game

May 27, 2018

Why fight it? Both NBA semis are going to seventh games, Bettman and NBC are happy with Las Vegas vs Washington in the NHL final and certainly that network is ecstatic that the horse Justify will bid for the racing Triple Crown on its airwaves in the Belmont Stakes on June 9th.

Only the Celtics among the 12 possible slots for the 3 years of both NBA semis going 7 games (’63, ’79 and now sadly, 2018) have been there twice.

Ten other teams have appeared once; among them the Cincinnati Royals, now the Sacramento Kings.

That franchise lost on the road in #7/semis to the eventual champion Celtics in ’63 and within the 40 season/39 year period at home, to the Lakers, (the other victor that “2 seventh game NBA semis year of 1963,”) in 2002 at Sacramento.


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