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The Great Nick Nolte At 92 Y.

March 14, 2018

The dynamism, wit and depth of the great actor, Nick Nolte were all on display this week, when he was interviewed by Annette Ingsdorf, as part of the “Reel Pieces” series at 92 Y.

Mr. Nolte thoroughly entertained and I believe moved (certainly he did me, with insights into his craft and life) the audience with great stories and details about his work.

Certainly his new book, “Rebel: My Life Outside The Lines,” is one I must read, after hearing Nolte speak about such outstanding work as “Rich Man, Poor Man,” and “Affliction” while also regaling us with stories, concerning such stars as Robert Mitchum and Barbra Streisand.

There was so much more, many tidbits, not gossip, that made me dizzy in a great way, trying to remember.

Clips were shown at three different points as Ms. Ingsdorf kept the proceedings going in an effective way, “clearing out” for Nolte’s passion and brilliance, doing so with her own added information.

On a personal note, Nick after a long day, was gracious in talking to me about a mutual friend, the superb author, Pete Gent, who wrote one of Nolte’s early fine films, “North Dallas Forty.”

His sensitivity and passion as displayed by his character in that film and in real life, for such injured football players such as Jim Otto, define the man. His courtesy to me will be remembered fondly as I continue to watch his work past, present and future.

Click below for information as how to purchase “Rebel” My Life Outside The Lines”

Rebel – Nick Nolte – Hardcover – HarperCollins US


Nick Nolte, pictured above.

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