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Academy Awards Review And Comments

March 5, 2018

In a slight upset, nine to five underdog, “The Shape of Water” won the best picture award at the 90th Academy Awards presentation.

Otherwise, prohibitive favorites copped the acting and best director, “apples vs oranges,” honors.

All were outstanding choices, but why one nominee and not the other? Gary Oldman as cited here for a brilliant performance as Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour,” won the best actor award, going off as a 1 to 38 favorite.

Frances McDormand won her second best actress award while Sam Rockwell and Alison Janney took home best supporting nods.

Benito del Torro won the best director award for “Shape of Water,” whose Doug Jones was part of an interesting interview on Kurt Anderson’s “Studio 360,” this past weekend on NPR. That should have been the vibe for the slight underdog “The Shape of Water.”

While Eddie Vedder sang for nearly one minute longer, the “In Memoriam” tribute lasted less than 3 minutes. Its duration seems to get shorter each year, which would be great if less people died, but that of course, is not the case.

At least, Danielle Dorrieux, who died at 100 years of age, was included in the tribute.


Frances McDormand, a tremendously talented actress won her second Academy Award, this for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbings Missouri,” the previous for “Fargo.” She got the “midwest vote.”

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