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Remembering and Reflecting On Sir Roger Bannister’s Great Life

March 4, 2018

Sir Roger Bannister, the first person to ever run a mile distance in less than 4 minutes, died yesterday, at peace, surrounded by family in his Oxford, England home.

How fitting and nice that this classy man, who called his years as a neurologist and the loving family, his biggest achievements, departed in such peace.

The “first” such a seminal moment in sports, will endure as it took so long and so many tried, to run a mile’s distance in less than four minutes.

What endures to me and is so moving regards Sir Roger Bannister as a person and the classy, great ways in which he contributed to society.


What a time (at least two meanings) it was. Sir Roger Bannister, pictured above as he runs history’s first sub 4 minute mile.

Willie Mays turned 23 on that historic May 6, 1954, a birthday in his greatest season. He celebrated with a home run and raised his average that day and nearly 100 points, subsequent to that day.

1954: “Brown vs The Board of Education,” Willie Mays, and Sir Roger Bannister. Go easy, Sir.



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