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“Neutral Network” Supe Notes, So Likely, ONLY I Provide

February 4, 2018

Today’s 52nd Super Bowl (the number 52 was worn by Dallas linebacker, Dave Edwards, who predeceased Dennis Edwards of the Temptations, the latter passing on this past week) will be the eleventh on a neutral network (i.e. not AFC/AFL or NFC/NFL, as was the case in 41, with both “subjective” networks on hand for the first, then called the NFL/AFL Championship Game, with exponentially less hype).

All but one of the eleven, including today’s, were Al Michaels assignments.

None of the previous 10 “neutral network” games manifested in a pre 1960 ( the year of the first modern NFL expansion) NFL team losing said game, to a team that was not a pre 1960, NFL team.

In 7 previous “neutral network” Supes an NFC team prevailed vs an AFC team, all of whom played in the old AFL, six being original AFL teams.

Those games were the (San Francisco) Niners over AFL expansion team Miami (Dolphins) with Frank Gifford not Michaels, “presiding,” in ’84.  This was followed by “Wash” beating Denver (’87), the Giants edging the Bills (’90), the S.F. Niners beating the then San Diego Chargers (’94), the then St. Louis Rams topping the Tennessee Titans, nee Houston Oilers (’99), Tampa Bay’s Bucs clouting Oakland (’02) and the Giants somehow repeating their ’07 “subjective network” Supe win vs what was an undefeated Pats’ team, in ’11.

Twice an AFC team that was a long time NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, prevailed in “neutral network” Supes vs ’76 AFC expansion team, but by that point, NFC team, Seattle in ’05 and long time NFL team, the Cardinals, already in their third location, in ’08.

Only in the most recent “neutral network” Supe in ’14, when New England, a 4 plus point “fave” to end the 10 game streak we are citing, in today’s Supe vs the Eagles, did an AFL team prevail.

The victory, however, was vs Seattle, which as stated above was not a pre 1960 NFL team.


David Janssen, as “Dr. Richard Kimble,” on “The Fugitive,” to paraphrase that great show’s announcer William Conrad, “stopped running” in 1967.

Kudos to Bob Costas for not being involved in an event, the exponentially hyped Super Bowl, which has been “running” since 1967.

Costas, whom I  urge to speak on Pete Rose’s behalf at some point in/and or around the former’s “big” day this summer, will be on the right side of history concerning football.

Click below to hear Dennis Edwards and the “Temps,” perform “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.”

Papa was a Rolling Stone- The Temptations (Full Version)



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