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The Giving, Caring, Talented, Vince Pacimeo

January 25, 2018

I am so glad to have met the immensely talented, truly caring and giving, Vince Pacimeo, before last Sunday’s NFL title games began.

He wants to get the message out that “we must give each other the proverbial hug.” His engaging manner as well as that of his wife, Vicki and friend Gloria illustrated to me, there are people, successful people, who want to give and help us get together.

Certainly a renowned musician and actor,  looking twenty plus years younger, a veritable Richard Corey, Vince wants to get his message out there.

No time too soon, as Hillel said,” if not now, when,” and “Mr. P,” who “wowed” me with great stories, including some regarding Frank Sinatra’s kindness, is doing so with a compact disc out now called “Tug of Hearts.”

In future days, I will have more on this accomplished “Renaissance Man.”

For now, I plan to listen to his music, knowing he talks courteously to all people and his determination through song, will “move the needle,” toward better understanding.

That alone, a marvelous career, he gives back. I am so glad he and Vicki have been rewarded with each other, a good thing happening to good people.

Click below for more information and how to purchase Vince Pacimeo’s “Tug of Hearts.”

Vince Pacimeo | Tug of Hearts | CD Baby Music Store






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  1. Omg just see this now! Thank you for your kind words Andy. You made my day! Love, Vicki

  2. As I wrote on your site, I think the world of both you and Vince, two such caring, giving people. I am sad to hear that Gloria passed on. That was quite a meeting with Vince being the catalyst. Vince is also cited in the January 24th post.

    Andy B.

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