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“Waco” Then, Now And Especially Today

January 24, 2018

Today, I will cite a coincidence below, in this the first of at least two posts, that will not involve football, a topic that has been dominant in number, of late here.

Tomorrow’s subject will be a on a one of a kind, caring, extremely talented human being, named Vince Pacimeo.

The coincidence is that today’s episode, airing on ME TV, so many years (49 or so), after doing so originally, on CBS, was titled “Waco.”

Tonight at the Paley Center, a great venue for broadcasting past and present, and named for long time CBS head, William S. Paley, a screening and discussion regarding a new series called “Waco,” will take place at 6:30

It matters NOT, that the “Gunsmoke” episode was named for a character “Waco Thompson” and the current series is named for the city in the state of Texas.

The coincidence is there, made so much more intense to me, by my knowledge of Mrs. Paley’s love of the show “Gunsmoke,” her likely “nudge” to Mr. Paley to keep it on, and most of all, my pressing the wrong floor button on a Paley Center elevator.

On the floor, on which I accidentally arrived, there were reminders, many, many of the show, the Saturday and then Monday nights, the CBS ratings glory and star James Arness.

Cue the great announcer, George Walsh —- “GUNSMOKE!!”


Victor French, pictured above, as “Waco” in the 1968 Gunsmoke episode of the same name.

Click below for more information on tonight’s screening and discussion of the new series, “Waco” at The Paley Center.

Waco: World Premiere Screening and Discussion | The Paley Center 






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