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Eagles/Vikings “57” And Other Notes

January 13, 2018

The two home teams in the NFC portion of the “slots”/ NFL quarterfinals/division round of the NFL playoffs, have a significant association with the number 57 this season.

Philadelphia (Eagles), the NFC top seed, has gone 57 years since last winning an NFL crown, that one in 1960, vs Green Bay (Packers), handing legendary coach Vince Lombardi, his only ‘offs defeat.

Meanwhile the NFC second seed Vikings, who are the top odds choice by a fairly significant margin, to advance to the Supe (if they do, a team will play at home in that game, for the first time in 52 such games), are in their 57th season, having commenced play in 1961.

There is more but for now, I leave you with the following note.

When Philly won the ’60 crown, their quarterback was a great one, Norm Van Brocklin.

The next season, as stated 1961, the Vikings began play. Their coach was Norm Van Brocklin.


Norman aka “The Dutchman,” also won a title sharing quarterback duties with another great, Bob Waterfield with the ’51 L.A. Rams.

The Rams, in whose uniform Mr. Van Brocklin is shown in above, were also in this year’s offs having been ousted by the Eagles “Slot 1” opponent, the Atlanta Falcons.

Van Brocklin also coached the Falcons. There is no direct association between “The Dutchman,” and the only other ’17 season, NFC “slots” team, the Saints but 3 out of 4 is better than “ain’t bad” as “Meat “Loaf” sang regarding “two out of three.”

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