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More ‘Bama Notes

January 12, 2018

Only four of the eleven Alabama titles have come in undefeated seasons, while one of four times Notre Dame fairly and certainly not so, denied ‘Bama the crown, was after an undefeated Alabama season in 1966. (The one clear cut battle between the teams, involving the title was an Alabama rout win vs Notre Dame to claim the 2012 crown.)

Gene Stallings has as many unbeaten title seasons, as the great coach (he is) Nick Saban. This includes Saban’s 5 titles with Alabama and his shared crown as L.S.U. coach.

Only the ’09 Saban team completed the season unbeaten. Stallings’ ’92 team did so, while Mr. “Bear” Bryant’s first and last/fifth title teams (’61 and ’79) were unbeaten.

This 2017 Alabama title team had two running backs named Harris, a good name for that position (interestingly Franco Harris, a great running back, played on two unbeaten teams while at Penn State, which were not even considered for the crown. (See Central Florida this season.) Alas, perhaps, then Penn State coach Joe Paterno is “discussing” that occurrence with God, the devil or Beano Cook, maybe all three), one Nagee, the other Damien, each of whom contributed to the latest ‘Bama crown.

Let’s cite receiver Jerry Juedy, as is the case with title game winning play heroes Tua Tagovailoa and DeVonta Smith, a freshman, for a big reception on the tying Alabama touchdown drive.


Click below for a few different “versions” of Alabama’s title winning play.






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