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Trying to split in 2 college predictions

November 18, 2017

There was no fun for Rutgers and their ‘supporters” in Indiana, as the latter team (Indiana University), rolled to an easy victory.

One more college football prediction is on tonight’s not so important, not so hot, ABC televised USC/UCLA clash for L.A. bragging rights.

USC a 15 point favorite wins (47-38).


More predictions tomorrow, one involving a team with the same name as Mr. Moore’s character, pictured above. “Roger.”

Oh there are reasons for USC/UCLA on ABC. Today is the exact 50 year anniversary of the national title deciding USC/UCLA clash on November 18, 1967.

Former ABC broadcaster, Orenthal “O.J.” Simpson led USC to a victory and they claimed the mythical title.

Click below to view Simpson’s great run. USC broadcaster, Tom Kelly cited Ron Drake’s big block, I once cited this run, to Simpson, a gracious interviewee, as his greatest moment.

Time ran on, more than 64 yards, now 50 years.

USC vs UCLA 1967 – OJ Simpson 64 Yard TD



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