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The Melissa Rivers Presentation At Barnes And Noble Was Fantastic

October 27, 2017

Last night, I had the privilege to watch a poised, humorous (that makes sense), beautiful inside and out, Melissa Rivers present and sign copies of her book “Joan Rivers Confidential” at the stunning Barnes and Noble store, located in The Vernon Hills Shopping Center (680 White Plains Road) in Scarsdale, New York.

Surely in the midst of a frenetic promotional pace, Ms. Rivers took the microphone and talked about her amazing mother, Joan Rivers adding “take with you” comments (one was buy another/different book, as we need to support reading actual books), while glowingly showing a timing and humor, that made me, a “kindred spirit,” fellow only child, glow with pride.

She answered questions, explained the emotions and process of  culling great “archival material,” regarding Joan Rivers (“not junk,” another “good one,” from Ms. Rivers), found out from one of Joan’s Barnard classmates that her mom was a philosophy major and raved about another lovely woman’s boots (from a distance I admired, inquired and will include Lori Silverman’s website regarding the boots, Melissa admired).

The night put me in a really nice place, watching Melissa talk about the book she and family friend/  publicity executive, Scott Currie combined to bring us. I can not wait to read it.

Somewhere, perhaps, my parents are able to convey to Melissa’s parents (Joan and Edgar) how grateful I am to Melissa, for being so cordial, talking to me regarding parents, her lacrosse playing son Cooper and her mother Joan’s role in a truly ahead of its time film, “The Swimmer.” Our time talking rounded out a great night.


The incredible, Melissa Rivers pictured above.

Click below for information on how to buy Joan Rivers Confidential

Joan Rivers Confidential –

Melissa raved about Lori Silverman’s boots. You can gain information about them.  Click below to do so.

Lori Silverman Shoes






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